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We create
digital experiences

Design is about workflow optimization.

A focused, digital experience

that eliminates unnecessary

steps significantly increases user satisfaction.

Strategy and design are synonyms.

A successful digital
experience is the visual
representation of a focused
business, product, and user 

Design is a good


Every dollar invested in user experience (UX) design generates $10 to $100 return. – IBM

Our Approach

The Strategic Design Approach takes your team from a 14,000 ft. view down to a 10 ft. view of your design challenge. This approach ensures that the business, solution, and user goals are aligned. We do this through a series of collaborative workshops that lay the foundation for the design sprints that follow.


Research, define, and analyze your user.


Define and prioritize the workflows and create the UX architecture.


Align your business

goals, solution goals,

and design mantras.


Create and validate the block & tackle wireframes, high-fidelity mockups,

and interactive prototypes.

to learn more about the activities performed at each phase 

to view our portfolio


Our clients come to us with workflow and data intensive digital design challenges.

90% of our clients are referred by a previous client or collaborator.


We have teamed up with these talented firms to benefit shared clients.

Saltbox Studio merges with Cardinal Peak
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